I ordered a new laptop charger a few months ago. My personal computer is older and was a high school graduation gift from my grandparents, so I was not exactly thrilled at the idea of spending upwards of $80 on a new one. I figured that buying a cheap replacement would do just the same as going through Apple, so I ordered one through a knockoff site. When the charger gave out only a few short weeks later, I immediately got online and tried to get in touch with someone who could either help me troubleshoot the issue or get me a replacement cord as soon as possible so I could keep using my laptop. For the next good bit, I was messaging back and forth with someone who could not give me any answers, and I ultimately am borrowing a charger from my cousin until a new arrives from Apple. These lessons are often difficult to learn, but they show us just how important it is to do business with places that are trustworthy and easy to communicate with.

The same thing is true for website hosting. While it may be an issue most people do not consider until something goes wrong, it is important that you host your website with a company that can get the problem resolved as soon as possible. If your website has an issue and isn’t working correctly, the problem can be compounded by the call or email going through too many people before anything can be done to find a solution. Your Web Pro offers hosting services that go above and beyond your typical website hosts. When your website is hosted with us, we offer fully managed service, 1000 MB of disk space that can be increased if the need arises, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 monitoring, website data backups to offsite servers for security, monthly statistic reports emailed to you, and custom spam filtering. We also are able to get to work quickly on any issue that may pop up with your website because we have direct access to your site.

There are many benefits to hosting your website with Your Web Pro. Contact us today to learn more about what features are offered when you host with us!

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