I was recently talking with my aunt, who owns a clothing boutique and makes a lot of her sales through Facebook and Instagram. She was relaying something I know well: Running social media for a business can feel like a full-time job! It can seem like a lot of work to get going and even more to sustain momentum, and not everyone has the tools or time to curate social media feeds to optimize business. At Your Web Pro, we believe that social media pages are beneficial for your company for many reasons! Here are five benefits of creating and sustaining social media accounts for your business:


  1. Engage potential customers. Through social media, you are able to interact with your followers more than you are able on your website. You can answer questions, offer giveaways or discounts, find out what works or doesn’t, and better gauge what your audience is looking for.
  2. Increase traffic to your website. Social media can direct potential customers to check out your website if they like what they see and are interested in more information. Through your postings on social media, they can see the services or products you offer and then redirect to your site to learn more or to take next steps.
  3. Maintain reputation. Similar to engagement, social media makes it easy to respond to customers whether what they have to say is positive or negative. If you are able to respond to comments or reviews with professionalism no matter what, you are managing your reputation as a brand.
  4. Targeted advertisements. Many younger customers are likely to click on an advertisement they see on Instagram or Facebook if it is something they are interested in or that grabs their attention. Targeted advertisements on social media can reach a very specific audience.
  5. Customer service. The customer service aspect of social media is well-modeled by airlines. Many times, if someone tweets an issue about an airline, a customer service representative is ready to respond and ask the user to contact them so they can help resolve the issue.

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